Thoughts On Dating


I’m having a hard time dating.  It’s becoming quite a drag.  I’m crushing hard on someone right now who is in a relationship.  When I kind of met her, they were on the rocks.  So I was like….well, maybe they’ll break up soon.  Spent the weekend with her a month or two later…turns out they HAD broken up, but were now back together.  Only time will tell if their relationship will hold up.  I can’t do anything in the meantime.  I’m not about to become a home wrecker, and even if I was successful, our relationship would be poisoned by the past.

All I can really do is hope they break up…and then give it some time, then move in.  That’s all I can frickin’ do.  It sucks.  I really like her too.  -___-

There are some different theories on this…some people are like, go after what you want.  But the majority of people are like, stay away and don’t think about her.  Which I agree with….why waste my time on something that could take another year or two (or never, if they get married).  I just have to soldier on!  And it sucks.  I don’t really like anyone else right now, and the thought of online dating right now is boring and just not what I feel like doing.

Even if I thought that she was into me…which there’s a possibility…it’s so hard to tell because now we are friends.  Should I try flirting with her just a little bit?  Ensure that there is plausible deniability? See if I can’t spark something?

The only reason I’m even thinking of doing this is because their relationship doesn’t seem to be all that great – our mutual friend says that they argue a lot, and that they should just break up.  Last time when they were on the rocks, it didn’t seem like a happy thing going on.  So I guess I just have to wait.

I guess I just have to stick to online dating for now, and just keep all my options open.  Keep myself entertained, and try to take my mind off of her.  Focus on work, on having hobbies like learning a new language, and just being thankful for my life right now.  I’m even trying to be thankful for “single blessings” that I would lose once I got into a relationship.  You know, like being master of your own domain, reporting to no one, and such.

My Computer Got Hijacked

adwareThe most annoying thing happened to me this past week.  I had to download a program to open a certain file extension (how annoying, but whatever) and once I installed it suddenly my internet browser (Firefox) was hijacked by this stupid Conduit thing.  It changed my home page and my search bar.  What the heck?  I never gave any sort of permission to have that happen, and I’m surprised that CNET downloads ever allowed this program on their server in the first place with such adware adjoined to it.  What a crock.

Anyway I had to use Spyhunter 4 to get rid of it.  The good news is that Spyhunter did the trick and did it well.  I didn’t have to spend a lot of time manually removing it.  I probably could have, but I don’t know that I would have gotten all the pieces out.

The one annoying thing is that Norton 360 did jack shit about preventing that from happening.  Dude, Conduit is NOT legit and Norton should have blocked that crap.  So yeah I’m annoyed. But whatever it’s gone now.

Anyway – I just want to warn you fellow internet users that these annoying adware programs are out there, and to monitor where you get your downloads from (and monitor the installation options in case there’s an option NOT to select the dumb adware).

Motorcycles – A Secret Wish

I really would love to ride a motorcycle.

I never used to even think about this, but after various friends getting bikes it’s something I’ve been thinking about more.  I’m not sure I’d want to take it on the freeway and go fast, but I would love a bike for short commutes around my town.  Cruising the Coast Highway on a motorcycle sounds like a really fun thing to do.


But how safe are they?  I can’t help but keep thinking that if I got one I would surely die – the victim of someone else’s poor judgement.  I trust myself completely to be in control and ride within my limits, but who’s to say that other drivers will be just as courteous?

It seems to come down to luck and being a good rider.  I could have all the experience and training in the world, but I still need a bit of luck to not get mowed down by a drunk or someone on their cellphone.

It’s  tough call.  I could definitely see my parents going white with fear if they knew I was riding a motorcycle.  Even though it’s something my dad did in his younger years (with my mom on the back).  I could even see my parents paying me to NOT ride it.

I know people that have ridden safely their entire lives.  I also know someone who lost her leg because she didn’t negotiate a turn properly.

Anyway – everything we do is a risk and you can’t be 100% safe all the time.  So it’s kind of a balance.

Would you ride or have you ever ridden a bike?